Adding 4 digit variable number to Name wordlist
Yeah, that's true my example was targeted for linux/mac users that use a bash-compatible shell.

That said, you can extend the idea to any other environment or tool (yes you could also do it all with awk etc).
An example using powershell (this can be run on windows with powershell installed) for instance would look something like this:
for ($i = 1722; $i -lt 2018; $i++) { echo $i | %{$_ -replace '(.)','$$$1 '} }

and as unix-ninja already pointed out you could do the same also with hashcat-utils' maskprocessor (mp64.exe for instance) or even with hashcat's --stdout mode
It's just a little bit more complicated to limit to only the numbers/years you want with mp/--stdout because they do not use directly a counter like the i variable above

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