Need help, new to hashcat
(06-29-2018, 12:56 AM)tradinaccnt Wrote: Hello all,

I am new to hashcat and this forum.

My problem is that I have forgotten my MyEtherWallet password for my wallet.

I was unable to use functions on a cryptocurrency exchange website because their maintenance required me to unlock my wallet again, after their maintenance was completed.

During this time, I pressed the ESC button on the keyboard to stop the website from loading completely (as during the maintenance, they chose random users to redirect them to their beta website), and managed to retrieve some keystore information from the cookies that was already established from previous use of their website.

I have re-assembled the keystore file by replacing the information from an empty wallets' keystore file, with those that were stored on the cookies.

All was well, until I realized that I don't remember the password, as I used a password creation website online to make a quick, but complex password.

An example of what the password could be is something like this: !Vp<>D'g`L^v[~8a

I downloaded hashcat 4.0.1 after following a tutorial here:

The problem I was having is that, when I downloaded the 4.0.1 version, or the latest version, the zip file does not have the .exe file that allows me to proceed further with the tutorial. I have searched on Google for this file and any other files that were missing with the download, but found nothing.

I cannot proceed further as the hashcat64.exe file is missing, as well as other files.

Please help me recover my MEW password.

I am also offering an incentive for help too!


Ardit P.

Make a new wallet, cracking a 16 character password that contains upper and lower case alphabet characters, numbers and symbols would be practically impossible.

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