Some remarks and maybe idea for improvement
hashcat uses markov by default (it's not random), it's trained with rockyou.txt (update see below).

you can use --markov-hcstat2 and hcstat2gen (see ) to generate your own markov hcstat2 file/chain.

update: I just wanted to make sure that my sentence about "trained with rockyou.txt" was actually accurate and asked atom about it ... and indeed he confirmed that the newer version was generated with a newer large public hash leak than rockyou.txt (but he wasn't quite sure himself what the original dict for the new hcstat2 is). It doesn't matter too much because you can create your own anyways. I think it should be somewhere mentioned anyways, I will try to find this out. Maybe somebody else remember the original input for the current hashcat.hcstat2 from the top of their head.

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