Advice on HP Nvidia Tesla K40 GPUs
I returned those $105 K40 GPUs.

Per the points:

1) Budget, around $2,000.

2) I am currently using solely JtR, (but use hashcat when using Amazon GPUs, and I'd like to move to hashcat with the GPUs) as I have always just scaled w/ CPU on SMP and multi-core across multiple systems with their various fork and node options (I've used JtR for ages) across a few dozen computers in my rack when resource usage is low. I run many different hashes, but primarily I am running: md5crypt, sha256 / sha512crypt, NTLM, WPA/WPA2 (WPAPSK, WPAPSK-PMK), descrypt in some cases (when I'm lucky), mysql PASSWORD() hashes and the "SSHA" (sha1 seeded) hashes.

3) I couldn't find much info on the K40s but had seen what I thought were decent raw speeds, but it appeared that doesn't translate to much in the hashing. I had to pull the trigger to get the deal, but again I was able to return them so it's no big deal.

In some cases, I've just rented out Amazon p3 instances (esp. with their V100s they're using now) if I have a single or a very limited number of hashes to attack and have had good results over-all if I can craft an appropriate charset and mask that will be best for a given hash. I normally use it when hitting WPAs and the $6$ hashes (sha512, 5k rounds I think?) as those sha512s are incredibly tough when trying to hash on CPU.

I will check out the other posts here on the forum and see what GPUs are being recommended now.



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