Some way to 'increment from a wordlist'
Hi there,

For a password I am looking to handle a few things I know;

-Axcrypt hash
-The password consists of words, formed in a sentence.
-The password may or may not have spaces in between these words.
-I do not know the exact words but i can make a list of aprox. 30 words that have been used.
-I do not know how many words, but I know for sure there have not been more than 7.
-Sentences may or may not start with first letter in Capital.

Until now I have never encountered a problem but this seems to be a question I cannot solve.

Is there anybody who could come up with a way to do this? Basically I am looking for something to:

I make a wordlist, then the code goes for some sort of increment from that wordlist. Combined with a rule to capitalize or not for the first word etc. I just cant find out if it is possible to do something like this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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