core speed limitation - overclocking
(09-27-2019, 08:55 AM)Kryczek Wrote: Be careful with overclocking and intense workloads:

Many consumer-grade graphics cards are not designed to be running at 100% for a long time but instead are expected to often have the opportunity to cool down (e.g. typically in video games if your GPU has to go all the way up to 100% because of some very detailed explosion or whatever, it usually has something much easier to do moments later) so using them at stock speed with Hashcat is already borderline.

Hopefully it's not what happened to your card in this case but if you overclock too far and/or for too long the components start degrading and the GPU becomes unstable at lower and lower speeds.

Thanks for your reply,

It works like a charm so far. it was running non stop for 12 hours on 58o temperature. My cracking rate improved to 24days instead of 35days that was the initial task.

But I agree with you that overclocking can harm the card, thus I used the official software from MSI and not any other third party that promises even better optimization.

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