[PrinceProcessor] Trying to change --pw-max
(09-22-2019, 05:17 PM)royce Wrote: Modify the source.
--- pp.c-dist  2019-01-14 21:33:46.443328919 -0900
+++ pp.c        2019-09-22 07:25:16.660698312 -0800
@@ -27,9 +27,9 @@

#define IN_LEN_MIN    1
#define IN_LEN_MAX    32
-#define OUT_LEN_MAX  32 /* Limited by (u32)(1 << pw_len - 1) */
+#define OUT_LEN_MAX  36 /* Limited by (u32)(1 << pw_len - 1) */
#define PW_MIN        1
-#define PW_MAX        16
+#define PW_MAX        36
#define ELEM_CNT_MIN  1
#define ELEM_CNT_MAX  8
#define WL_DIST_LEN  0

... but pp64 will take a loooong time to start up.

Also note that if the words really are separated by spaces, you'll need to do something to ensure they're inserted. princeprocessor doesn't have a separator concept, but you can shim the input words to do so. This is a hokey way to do it, but it works: https://gist.github.com/roycewilliams/18...45692bccc2

I wonder if all I had to do was to wait patiently for pp64 to initialize. I think I didn't wait long enough before, as I assumed it wasn't going to work. Anyway, making those changes to the source code did it. It took about 5 minutes to start.

When piping the output of pp64 directly to Hashcat, it aborted after about 2 minutes waiting; so instead I ran pp64 alone and feeded its output file later to Hashcat. It cracked the passphrase from this example in 0 seconds. Now I can try with a much larger wordlist.

About the space separator, I got it working by using awk to append a space to every line in the wordlist, then used a Hashcat rule to remove the last character from every candidate passphrase, which removes the unintended space. At least for my use case, it is good enough.

Thanks for the help.

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