Running into issues with max mask length
I couldn't seem to get the hybrid attack to work, maybe I was doing something wrong. The dict.txt file contained '00' * 510, which is all of the padding needed for this hash.
.\hashcat64.exe -m 0 -o outfile.txt --potfile-disable -a 7 da8e187436ef310167021504d28c9b68 ?b dict.txt --hex-wordlist --hex-charset

I added some invalid hex into the dictionary file to see what would happen, and strangely no errors were thrown despite having --hex-wordlist and --hex-charset, so perhaps it wasn't reading any of it as hex for some reason?

The python method worked perfectly, here's the Windows version for anyone coming to the thread in future.

.\hashcat64.exe -m 10 -o outfile.txt --potfile-disable $(python -c "print('da8e187436ef310167021504d28c9b68'+':'+'00'*255)") -a 3 "?b" --hex-salt

Thank you both for your help!

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