Hashcat sees my GPU but not my CPU
Yeah I got an email so I came back for a second you make no sense. Chickens computers you loosing your virginity what do any of these things have to do with one another. Anyways point being, stupid I got it to work sans insults. See being nice is easy living your pathetic life where you need to be mean to people or insult them for not knowing something that's hard. I asked a question and got a shitty answer so out of spite I got the thing to work, so in a way I'm happy douche's exist I get stuff done because of them. If you ever need any help with anything just ask I am more than happy to help insult free. Oh one last thing yeah as to the other post that stuff doesn't count for much you can get paid and not have a clue. See there's that misplaced ego again. If you where as smart as you pretend to be your mind would be open enough to say, "Hey maybe there are things I don't know." Try it sometime the world might surprise you. Quick question ,Why is it that I can get Intel OpenCl to work and AMD? Short answer I have only been working on the problem for a few weeks the fresh perspective helps, plus I'm smart enough to know that I'm to stupid to reinvent the wheel. The answer wasn't all mine I asked AMD and MSI for help. I'm not to proud to admit when I'm wrong or to ask for help. In case the point to this has missed you and I'm not calling you stupid your probably a little upset because I pissed on your stomping ground, ok I get that so here is the point did if feel good when I was insulting? No I bet it didn't. So what am I saying be nice. Now to wrap this up one last thing you know nothing about me, I could be a long time user of this site and I feel embarrassed asking a question with my real screen name. That isn't the case I'm not to good to ask. I could have a doctorate in computer science you don't know, so to make that assumption isn't an intelligent bet. I'm not insulting you but your judging the unknown one day that may bite you in the ass. Truth be told I'm just a guy that fiddles with things and is really good at making them work, which is why I became an Industrial Designer so no I don't get paid to do this I just mess around here and there with it, but like anything else in this world if you have a desire to figure it out you will. I'm not insulting what you say is your job, but this isn't brain surgery it is pretty easy once you understand the problems. No the answer isn't just putting the driver on there, you have to massage it a little, you have to get the computer to accept drivers it doesn't want. (Intel Opencl) Then you have to get it to use them, but if your using this stuff I kind of figured you would know how to do that stuff. See now you have me assuming. Look just be nice and get rid of the ego as far as getting paid, ever heard of malpractice insurance? Even someone with more school and training than us makes mistakes and doesn't know everything. This stuff does not make you Gods special little turd it just means you know a little about something so be nice.

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Hashcat sees my GPU but not my CPU - by Rdgeno - 10-09-2019, 10:31 PM
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