Hashcat sees my GPU but not my CPU
Hey guess what I cracked my first hash check out the pic, and undeath was wrong you can use --self-test-disable, I put the GPU in my Toshiba and instead of forcing the AMD drivers I tried --self-test-disable on a whim and boom it worked. No speed loss or anything. All I did was load the Intel OpenCl so I guess if you want to save time you can just put the GPU into your computer let it do it's thing and just disable the test or you can force the AMD driver. There is one thing I did on both I'm not sure how much it helped but I also went into the bios and under advanced I enabled both cards or whatever the option is I think it's integrated video. I enabled both I don't know if that helped or not. I'm not busting balls but you guys might know better than me if it had an effect changing that, all I actually did is went this is what I want this is what I have. How can I use these things to get what I want? So no I don't know why it works but it does. I'll leave the why up to the professionals. Three weeks of trying and I finally got it, and it works on multiple machines. Next step since I'm on my neighbors network I'm going to figure out how to load it up with porn. He's really religious. It's funny the only reason I decided to learn hacking three long months ago was to put porn on my neighbors computer. You guys have a wonderful day. Honestly though just skip installing the AMD driver and let it load whatever then get the Opencl from Intel. You might have to get the computer to update from Intel instead of the manufacturer but that's easy and it doesn't matter what driver once it takes one you can just use the Intel auto detect and it puts the right one on. Oh and check out the time one second. Same everything in aircrack and jJack couldn't get anything Hashcat one second. I ran it five times on two different computers, it definitely works.

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Hashcat sees my GPU but not my CPU - by Rdgeno - 10-09-2019, 10:31 PM
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