Feasible method of cracking long, randomised passwords?
If you are certain the password is random and not derived from some word or otherwise human-chosen you will not be able to crack that rar file.

(07-07-2020, 08:24 PM)CracktainCrunch Wrote: I understand that anything larger than 8 characters is infeasible to use brute force on, even with a mask. So I wondered if it would help to shorten the time by generating a bunch of random passwords that are 10 to 15 characters in length containing lower, upper case letters, numbers and special signs since hashcat wouldn't have to do that on the fly, copy them into a wordlist and use that wordlist to attack the archive.

Passwords of that length are not infeasible to crack because of some hashcat limitation but because of the sheer amount of possibilities. Obviously saving those combinations into a text file and feeding them to hashcat as a wordlist will not reduce the number of possibilities. Not to mention that you will likely run out of hard drive space before you manage to save all those candidates.

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