Nvidia 30XX - FE vs. Reference
Thanks for your answer, slyexe!
But i wasn't really concerned w/ the cooler style.
I already knew blowers are to be preferred. (For closed chassis rigs at least)
What weirds me out is the sudden divide between FE and Reference now...
AFAIK we buy Reference, because these cards are over-engineered and rigorously tested.
Thus they can handle the enormous strain pw-cracking puts on them.
Non-ref cards on the other hand are build w/ cheaper materials and basically only use the same GPU-chip.
That allows for higher margins for the manufacturers, but also makes them unfit to handle pw-cracking workloads.
So with the 30XX series... can we expect FE is as resilient as Reference?
Did nvidia put the same amount of testing in both designs?
In a world where every company is trying to cut costs, it sounded kinda weird if nvidia were to suddenly do twice the testing...

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