Threema backup zip

in the last few month i played a lot with hashcat. but today i archived my threema folder with the build in function and set a really quick password. After i reinstalled threema i cant decrypt the backup. The file himselff is a zip and on my pc i can open the file with winrar and 7zip. but i cant extract, because my password is wrong.

how i can get a password hash from the threema zip file ? if i crate a normal zip with winzip or winrar i was able to extract. is there something special with this file ?

i want to use hashcat the decrypt the hash , if i can get the hash from the

any idea ?

The encryption if the zip is

winzip/AES PBKDF2/SHA1 256bit AES

the onlinetool cant read the file


zip2john, latest create a 0kb hash file.

Accent zip password recovery can read the file. So its possible somehow....