Infiniband GPU cluster
Looking to build an Infiniband GPU cluster on the cheap if this is possible.

Does hashcat allow for GPUdirect RDMA calls from one GPU to another to form a scalable cluster for password recovery or am I expecting too much?

Alternatively, has anybody tried MPI under IPoIB for a cheap 10/20/40gb interconnect fabric? My company just literally threw out a whole bunch of IB gear, TopSpin switches and a bunch of HCA cards. I figure I'll get some cheap Intel PRO cards and boot my servers via PXE to load rocks+OFED drivers and hashcat. No clue how I'm going to do storage though.

Let me know if I'm being completely off the wall here and I'll shut up.
AFAIK, no.
The only way to parallelize pluscat or any other cat is to write a script that will split the workload and assign work to every GPU over the network.
Or write some kind of framework.

Anyways, this requires custom solution(s).