Need help using Hashcat
I am requesting the help of the commuity if possible Smile
I am very new at this and have a very specific use case currently.
I need to find my xlsx password that is 1 year old and would like to have this rule :

- Having one or two word in the password (is must be a complete word in the dictionnary)
- having possible numbers at the beginning of the first word, or in between of the two words on at the end
- Having capital letters
- Having from 6 to 15 caracteres

What would you recommend I write in the command?

Thank you very much
I think that no one can help you in this case
You have to do it on your own
I am not gone spoon feed the answer, but these are the general steps or workflow that I would use

0) Extract the hash

1) Get an English Dictionary, assuming it is english, or use your own dictionary:

2) Search 'how to filter words on length using SED":

3) What you describe would best done using hybrid attacks to generate the word-digit combinations
Hence, you have to break it down, first use a hybrid attack for a [d] [word], [dd] [word] [word][d] [word][dd]
Read here more about hybrid attacks, output the passwords with the option --stdout:
You will end up with a lot text files for each option.

4) Combine the files, into all_words.txt
cat word.txt      > into all_words.txt
cat word-d.txt   > into all_words.txt
cat word-dd.txt > into all_words.txt
cat d-word.txt   >into all_words.txt
cat dd-word.txt >into all_words.txt

5) Use a combinator attack, basically use the word list twise
./hashcat64.bin -m 1 -a 1 hash.txt all_words.txt all_words.txt -w3

Good luck, there are different ways to do it but this should help get you started.
(03-11-2022, 09:48 AM)vreynolds Wrote: I think that no one can help you in this case
You have to do it on your own cookie clicker

my fault