Large IPB list issue
if you do hybrid you wont notice the overhead. so it depends all on your attack.
now im facing the same problem with 210k MD5(phpBB3).. >.<
im still looking for solid-working solution : /
you cant attack 210k MD5(phpBB3)
I think now I know what I was doing wrong:

Status.......: Running
Input.Mode...: ______
Hash.Target..: ______
Hash.Type....: IPB2+, MyBB1.2+
Time.Running.: 7 mins, 6 secs
Time.Left....: 14 hours, 52 mins
Time.Util....: 843271.0ms/58.0ms Real/CPU, 0.0% idle
Speed........: ______
Recovered....: 1279/79679 Digests, 1279/79663 Salts
Progress.....: 8810050369/1142717220233 (0.77%)
Rejected.....: 79119169/8810050369 (0.90%)

How awesome is that!
what was it about?
@M@LIK: How did you fix the issue?

I face the same problem while cracking a large list of IPB hashes with oclhashcat-plus.

Dictionary attack runs ok, but with rules, I get wrong statistics when I press the "s" key to display the status. It shows the time remaining as 1 year even though it should not take more than a couple of minutes.

The GPU usage is high, speed of hashing is good but the time remaining is incorrect.

And I don't even get successful cracks. So, I am interested to know how you fixed this problem?