Hashcat - APFS – FileVault 2 - apfs2hashcat

Did at post at apfs-fuse Github regarding this error I received when trying "apfs2hashcat";
Info: Found valid GPT partition table on main device. Dumping first APFS partition.
`apfs-dump-quick <path-to-apfs2hashcat>/ApfsLib/CheckPointMap.cpp:36 bool CheckPointMap::Init(oid_t, uint32_t): Asseration (cpm->cpm_o.o_type & OBJECT_TYPE_MASK) ==OBJECT_TYPE_CHECKPOINT_MAP' failed.

The DMG is from an external harddrive and the host computer is an Apple Silicon Macbook Pro running Sonoma.
It has been imaged on another Mac with a forensic tool made for imaging Apple devices / filesystems.

Any ideas why it fail?

Ran "mmls" which gave me the same results as this post which is that the fifth row has an empty description which should be the APFS-partition.

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