Driver update problem
Hi everyone. I have a computer with 1 x GTX470 and 2 x GTX460 under windows 7 64 bit. When I was with OclHashcat-plus 0.07 with driver 285.62, everything worked fine. However for the 0.08 version a driver later than 290.40 is required. After updating to several different drivers past that forceware, I always get the same problem. If I let batch file (.bat) run and come back later, at one point in the run it start stating "No NVidia compatible platform found" and pass through the rest of the attacks with the same error. Anyone has encontered this or have suggestions? By the way I know that I can't mix the GPU anymore so this error occurs with either the GTX470 or the 2xGTX460.
mastercracker: problem still exists?
(05-27-2012, 04:48 PM)atom Wrote: mastercracker: problem still exists?
Yes. I don't know if it can be part of the problem or not but this computer is accessed via a KVM switch. Also, it seems that version 0.08 is functioning properly on driver 285.62 so far.