Restructuring pot file
Inspired from this thread i'd like to ask for a different format for the pot file to be created.

My suggestion is using the format salt$hash:plain (looks a bit like jtr). This way it should be (in praxis) always possible to distinguish between hash/salt and plaintext.

The current format is obviously very limited in usability.
Why, I dont see the advantage
With the current pot file you cannot tell apart salt from plain if the salt contains a colon. If you prepend the salt to the hash you can easily make a regex to find the plain. ^.*\$[0-9a-f]{32,}:(?P<plain>.*)$
I dont like the idea of switching the position of hash and salt but I udnerstand the problem. What I can do is to encode the salt in hex, what you think?
yes, that would be a nicely working solution, too!