Ugh Help PLEASE!!! i cant get hashcat to work
i am trying to crack a vb salt hash and its just not working like the program dont work on this pc for some reason what am i doing wrong ?

[Image: 50657697.jpg]

posting hashes on these forums is prohibited - atom
something really makes no sense on this. especially not using md5($pass.$salt) in combination with -e brute-vbulletin.salt

what exactly do you want to do?
For me this looks like the generated commandline might be too long, but that's just a guess.

Windows command line length limit

8191 characters (Windows XP 32 bit)
2047 characters (Windows 2000 and NT4)

Source: Microsoft KB; Article ID: 830473; Command prompt (Cmd. exe) command-line string limitation

I was unable to find any information about this for windows 7. I would assume that the XP value should work (at least).

As hashcat supports directories as well for wordlists, create a package / selection of the wordlists to be used in a directory. Then add the directory instead of the files.

You can send me the commandline in full per PM if you like. Double-Click the statusbar to get it displayed in a textbox.