handy bash script i wrote: addicted2hash.sh
I wrote my take on the auto-crack perl script referenced in a video a while back by pureh@te but mine's in bash cause its what i know and I couldnt find the perl script Smile. I also wrote one for the fingerprint attack, but i feel like something is kind of off maybe you guys can help me? Also wrote my take on the dict2hash script but with more hashing options just probably not as fast cause its in bash but close thanks to GNU Parallel tool (OpenSSL + GNU Parallel required). Thought I would share here in case anyone else finds it useful or has any ideas for improvements. All scripts are available on my github page here (too much to type or include here directly): https://github.com/Hood3dRob1n/addicted2hash

PS - the wiki is amazing now guys, really great job with everything! kind of been a while since i stopped by last so thought i will give a bit back how i can....