Alternertiv Programm to Hashcat with Hyprid-Brute force and cpu as an option

i try to decrypt a hash since two weeks now i tried dozends of decryption programs. But i couldn't figure it out. The problem is that the hash isn't the pure password, but the password and a 9 letter long challenge, wich would make the hashed sting at least 16 letters long. The next thing is that i don't have a hashcat supported gpu. Since i know the challenge and i know that the pasword is just consists out of lowercase letters, nummbers and isn't longer than 9 letters itself. I should be able to bruteforce it with my cpu. But i was not able to find a program that supports that. Could someone help me? Does anyone know a programm that could do that?

ty _Martinius_
There is a CPU version of Hashcat.