ERROR:cuStreamSynchronize() 999, win7 geforce
Hi I have a problem. I´ve been trying to run hashcat lite and i get this error:

ERROR: cuStreamSynchronize() 999
My system:
Win 7, Ultimate 64-bit (s1)
GeForce GTX 570
295.73 AND
Intel i7-2600

Been reading around here but couldent seem to find a error list with know fixes or a thread with someone with a simular problem. The only thread on ...Synchronize() 999 error i found was sugested to be solved with installing the 295.x drivers like i tryed. He was using Ubuntu and not win7 not sure if that is relevant. Big Grin

Anyone have any sugestions?
Thanks for reply, will test it out when i get home. Smile Been searching for houres, but guess it´s hard when you are a noob like me and not 100% sure what you are looking for.