Wordlist help please

I used to crack my hashes with Cain, especially with the 'options' in the dictionnary mode.
I will now use hashcat which is faster Smile
Please, how can I keep the same features as Cain in hashcat ? :

[Image: sanstitrexb.jpg]

I would like to use the same options, and why not other permutations if you have ideas ?

Thank you very much.
I don't know exactly what the included rule generator generates but when i want something specific like u are asking for, I just write my own rule for it.
For example what u asked for would look like this:
as is :
reverse r
double d
lower l

and so on. The rules pretty much follow JTR's so are easy to write. Hope this helps Alto.
Alto this rule set should give you the same effect only much better - http://hashcat.net/urules/d3ad0ne_1.5K.rule

Thank you for your help.
I've read the "hashcat-0.34\rules\passwordspro.rule" but it's difficult to understand..

D3ad0ne > thank you ! I'll test it. So this file gives 1536 rules, so the rules I was looking for are inside ? And many more ? I can't understand the file Sad
But thank you very much Smile

Does hascat allow to use multiple rule file ? I see at http://hashcat.net/urules/ others interesting rules, can I use them simultanously ?
no, but you can open them all in an texteditor and make one file out of them.