Hash generator
Hey guys I was looking for a script to generate hashes cause a lot of times there are wordpress hashes who were hashed in SHA1 or MD5 etc.

http://hashcat-passgen.googlecode.com/sv...nerator.pl ---code

http://www.phillips321.co.uk/2012/05/15/...erator-pl/ ---page where I founded the coded

well at first is needed to install the modules in perl in the same page is how to do, in the comments below. I'll put how I did it

#sudo apt-get install build-essential
cpan> make install
cpan> install Bundle::CPAN

later I installed the modules


well this part taked a little bit cause It was asking a lot of times to write "[yes]" to install others modules.

after that the script was able to be launched but It has a little problem Sad, doesn't read from stdin like the script dic2hash.pl
I mean that if you do "cat dict.txt | hash-generator.pl 0 " you will get a hash with some shit encrypted, not all your file words, converted just one hash.

I was thinking a lot since I don't know a lot of perl I decided to create a little file in bash to execute the perl script

# printf "%s\n" "$line" opcional, solo para comprobar
while read line ; do

./hashgenerator.pl 100 "$line"


then in your linux terminal write

cat /user/Desktop/wordlist.txt | ./hash.sh

and you will get your hash Big Grin

the only problem is that is a little slow converting the files Sad, if someone has a better idea to make him more fast will be great Big Grin

maybe for some here this were nothing new, but maybe for others will be usefull