cap2hccap online tool
Hi everyone.

I wanted to ask you about cap2hccap online tool. Does it detect bad handshakes inside cap file or it just converts it? (with a bad handshake I mean one that has not all 4-way handshakes, like the one in the picture).


[Image: handshake.png]
It just converts it.
The best option would be manually cleaning the cap file; should that be impossible, then there's wpaclean.
Just thought I would share this... I found it annoying I couldn't convert a hccap back to a cap file and noticed someone had already wrote such a tool to do this but was only available for Linux users...

I take no credit for the creation of this tool, I merely compiled it for use under windows.. figured someone else might find it useful as well.

Here's the link to download.. also attached it.

hccap2cap - Windows x86 Binary


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