Help with MySql2005 Hash
Hi Everybody,

I got hashes from mysql 2005 on windows xp using Select * from sys.sql_logins. The hashes begin with a 0x100 and then an 8 bit salt and the the hash.

I'm trying to crack using this command "oclHashcat-plus64.exe -m
132 Hashs.txt -a 3 -1 ?a ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1" but keep getting "Line-length exception"

I have the hashs stored one line at a time in a text file and cannot find anything online after hours of searching. Is the format of the text file wrong? I just copied directly fro mysql.

Please help.... and thanks
Do you mean MSSQL 2005?

I take it you do, in which case, you just need to format the input file properly. You will definitely want to nix the prefix and just use the salt + hash combination.
see here for example hashes, including mssql:
Yes, you's were right. The format of the text file was not correct. After lookin at the examples I got it sorted.