pw-skip and pw-limit
Hello, somebody knows does hashcat-plus contains commands like hashcat-lite such as pw-skip and pw-limit to distributing workload???
No it does not. Unfortionally that wont work for oclHashcat-plus since it's much more complicated. Especially when it comes to the more advanced attack modes, how would you specify the inner loop part with just one number. Therefore, the only way for you to split workload is to either do it manually or create .restore files, which contains all the required information to set offsets (but not limits).
THANKS, and how can i do it manually or create .restore files? (i use one mode attack-bruteforce)
If there's a way, it's not easy and undocumented.
Ok. Where can i read about structure (pattern) .restore file? Will the developer add these features in the new version? (for bruteforce)
The restore format is documented here:
(09-25-2013, 09:33 AM)atom Wrote: The restore format is documented here:
i look my restore files and i see that it look like as .xml , but i don`t undestend some parametrs in it.. help please. .. i want to distributed cracking
it's definitely not xml, it's a binary file. look at the data structure atom posted in that thread he linked in.