WPA speed with HD 7990

The best i can get from this card is 250k/s is this about right?, I was expecting it to be about 90-100 k/s more.

I played around with gpuloops and accel and it seems -n 80 -u 320 is the best settings for this card.

I used a rather large wordlist and also in gave it a run combo mode with rules to give it plenty of work.

I'm sure a single 7970 could benchmark 170k/s

hashcat v1.00 with 13.11 beta5 on BT5

Default benchmark:

Hashtype: WPA/WPA2
Workload: 4096 loops, 32 accel

Speed.GPU.#1.:    73489 H/s                  
Speed.GPU.#2.:    73494 H/s
Speed.GPU.#*.:   147.0 kH/s

According to that page, 134k with a 7970. So double for a 7990.