Trouble running oclHashcat-1.01 in Ubuntu 13.04 - Need Help
Hello All,
I am new at cracking.
I know hashcat is the best cracker. I am using Ubuntu 13.04.

And my system info is

description:     CPU
product:     Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4200U CPU @ 1.60GHz
vendor:     Intel Corp.
physical id:     
bus info:     
version:     6.5.1
serial:     0004-0651-0000-0000-0000-0000
slot:     U3E1
size:     759MHz
capacity:     759MHz
width:     64 bits
clock:     100MHz

I have downloaded oclHashcat-1.01 and i want to run it but i am not able to run it.
Can anyone help me out.
And my directory structure is :
[Image: VEwgyGp.png]

When i tried to run it , i got error.
[Image: Uq1Y91C.png]

Can anyone guide me . i am totally noob at cracking.
Few things here...

Screenshots are obnoxious. We tolerate them from Windows users, because we presume they don't know any better. But as a Linux user, you are encouraged to post relevant text output in code blocks, as you started to do with your CPU info.

You seem to be missing the proprietary driver for your GPU. You did not mention what GPU you have, you only posted CPU info, which is not helpful. If you have an AMD GPU, you need to download AMD Catalyst 14.4 from If you are an Nvidia user, you need to download the latest Nvidia driver from

You appear to have a 32-bit Linux installation, hence your inability to run 64-bit binaries. So ensure that you are running the appropriate binary. If you have an AMD GPU, then oclHashcat32.bin is the correct binary. If you have an Nvidia GPU, then cudaHashcat32.bin is the appropriate binary.

oclHashcat 1.01 is outdated now, please consider downloading 1.20 instead. In 1.20, oclHashcat and cudaHashcat were split into separate downloads, so ensure you are downloading the correct archive based on your GPU.
Thanks mate for the info . Smile
Since you have not a 10 year old cpu I recommend reistalling a 64bit version of linux.