stats processor
hi the command iv used is
c/hc64/stp/stp64.exe --pw-min=8 --pw-max=8 hchcstat ?l?l?l?l?l?l?l?l | hc64/hc4.exe -n40 -m2500 mine.hccap

Its ran fine for 16 hrs with temps under 75 and hash rate 280 kh/s.
suddenly now the progress keeps going up with 0 rejected or skippe. The weird thing is the hashrate and gpu`s are at 0kh/s and 1% usage from 91%util and 74*c.
Any ideas please would be apreciated.
set up
8core vishera 4gig oc`d to 4.5 with liquid cooling
asus sabertooth r2 m/b
20gig ddr 3 @ 1600mhz
240g ssd primary
evga 1000 p2 80+ certified kw psu
3tb sata3 secondary
2x r9 280`s
aero cool gaming case + 2 extra aero cool fans on gpu`s
Dont have a clue what happened but after leaving it running an hour and half the hash rates gone back up and back to 92% util on gpu. Be nice to know what happened though if any one knows ?. Thanks again atom for your awesome tools and the people whats helped before.