--remove switch with WPA

I was expecting that the switch --remove will delete the hccap file once cracked but it don't do that.
Is it a bug or a feature ? Smile
Like with all other hash types the file (in this case the .hccap file) should be empty if and only if all "hashes" were cracked.

The size of the hash file should therefore be 0 bytes if each and every network within the .hccap file was cracked.

The same holds, as said, w/ all other hash types, i.e. --remove won't remove files, but it will modify them and if needed empty the file completely.

Or are you saying that if you run the same attack twice w/ --remove and you've cracked 1 network, the same network is getting cracked over and over again?
Oh yes sorry I haven't noticed that my file length was 0 bytes. I was expecting a complete delete Wink
That's perfect.