Hashcat for Dummies?
I've looked through the wiki and other forum posts, and I genuinely don't understand how to use this program. Is there a step-by-step explanation of how to use it? Like a very, very basic tutorial explaining how to do it?

My problem: For some reason I encrypted files on my old external harddrive with Truecrypt and have forgotten the password. I've tried the ones I normally use and it isn't working. Unless Truecrypt forced me to use special characters or capitals, I would have used a lowercase word and maybe added a number at the end. I can't see it being more than 10 characters. How can I use Hashcat to break this password?
Some type of documentation on that level would be nice. Earlier on, there were blogs that taught the basics.

The program changes so much with each update, I practically have to re-learn it to do what I've already been doing.

After viewing the wiki, the forums have to be scoured for nuggets of useful information.