AMD Radeon HD 6770 M Graphic Card (ADL_Overdrive6_FanSpeed_Get() is missing) Error
You must use the driver from the amd website. If you can't get it to run you won't get oclhashcat to run.
is there any way to install it manually?
mean extract their exe file and replace some dll s from it.which dll s?
what is Catalyst Control Center exactly?
is it in relationship with graphic card's driver or i can keep old version of it and only update AMD gpu driver?
hi did you find a solution for this?
I have similar laptop with double graphics (Intel & Radeon 8850M). I'm getting nowehere...
In window, I use the amd driver remover app. from amd website(it clean all the previous amd drivers version installation), then after install the amd recomended driver for Oclhashcat