WPA Combination attack (skipping passwords)
I'm using A combination attack that uses 2 dictionaries but it may combine passwords with less than 8 characters length which are meaningless in WPA... how can i make the attack skip these cases?.

just made a search in the forum, I read somewhere that hashcat skips then automatically when using WPA, but I have 24h+ testing this attack and in the status hashcat says 0.00% skipped password... which makes me wonder is it really skipping them?

can anyone confirm? and if that's the case how can i make hashcat to skip them.

Thx in advance.
Try testing this on short wordlists(say, 100 passwords in each) and share the results.
Since -a1 (and -a6 and -a7 as well) change the length of the password candidate on gpu, there's no way to skip them anymore. If you want them skipped, use combinator.bin from hashcat-utils and pipe