INFO: removed 1 hash found in pot file
i run this command :

oclHashcat64.exe -a 6 -m 21 --session=all -p : --force -o "C:\found.txt" --outfile-format=3 --remove -w 2 --gpu-temp-abort=80 "C:HASH.txt" "C:\wordlist.txt" E:\mask.txt

INFO: removed 1 hash found in pot file

how i can save this removed hash in a file please..
You either use a new session (name) --session
use --potfile-disable to disable the .pot file check (and writing) at all
thanks philsmd

i have a list of (250) hash and wen i start cracking i see this message :INFO: removed 1 hash found in pot file

but i dont have the pass in my wordlist so i want to extract just the cracked pass from the .pot file.
You can't use --remove then, or at least you need to have the original hash list

If you have the original hash file, then just run something like this:
oclHashcat64.exe -m 21 --show --session all "C:original_HASH_list.txt"

to save the output of --show to a file use -o
to adapt the outfile options, use --outfile-format

all this information was explained already a couple of times on the forum, can be looked up in --help and was also documented on the wiki
thank you philsmd