Radeon HD3200? oclHashcat not Compatible?
I have an Biostar mobo with a built-in ATI Radeon HD3200. I'm using Windows 7 x64 with Service Pack 1 and .Net 4.5. I installed Catalyst 13.9 successfully. I first tried a more recent version 14.something, but it left the program files directory empty. i.e. No display driver was installed. When I tried to run oclHashcat64.exe, it gives me some error: clGetDeviceIDs() -1.

(1) Is my video compatible or not?
(2) Is there a work around/resolution aside from using a different video card?

No, your GPU is not compatible. AMD dropped support for your GPU several years ago, that's why you're not able to install the required driver (14.9)

No, there is no workaround or resolution. Time to upgrade.
Heh, HD3200 will be celebrating its seventh birthday this year.