hashcat v2.00

Download here: https://hashcat.net/hashcat/

There is a nice new feature added to hashcat version 2.0.
Besides the usual addition of new algorithms, new features and bug fixes this release features .... open source code! Yes, you read it right. We went Open-Source!

If you want to read more about the background of this, you can find the details here: https://hashcat.net/forum/thread-4880.html

In addition to that there is a lot of changes from the previous version (0.50):

Fixes for very nasty bugs
  • --increment-max problem: it did not allow to set a value equal to the mask length
  • table lookup fix: there was a limit in place which was lifted now
  • --remove race condition: hashcat did not always guarantee that all cracked hashes will be removed at the end

Newly added algorithm
  • -m 1431 = base64(sha256(unicode($pass)))

This list is not that long as usual, but since the last release we really put a lot of effort into preparing for the first open source release:

Open source specific changes
  • changed the license of hashcat to MIT
  • removed eula
  • removed time bomb
  • there will be no more beta versions restricted to beta testers
  • removed beta testers' keyfile check

Some future perspectives

We plan to eventually combine hashcat and oclHashcat into one single project, called "hashcat".

Basically, the idea is to let the current oclHashcat code (where - yes, you did guess it correctly - we put most of the development focus) be the basis for the "merge" and in this way integrate hashcat into oclHashcat and rename the resulting cracker into just "hashcat".

This will be an important but also very demanding/difficult change and won't happen too soon (but maybe with united forces, now that we did go open source, it could happen within a reasonable amount of time).

There might be the need of a couple of preparations and changes (which you now will be able follow on github) to both projects before something like a single CPU and GPU "hashcat" cracker can be released.

We did already do the first step by releasing both oclHashcat and hashcat with the same version number: 2.00 ;)

Finally, here is the full list of the changes we made for this release:

Full changelog v0.50 -> v2.00

type: Project
file: All
desc: Made the project Open-Source

type: Project
file: All
desc: Switched the license to MIT

type: Feature
file: Host
desc: Removed Timebomb, Beta- and Keyfile- checks

type: feature
file: hashcat-cli
desc: added support for -m 1431 = base64(sha256(unicode($pass)))

type: change
file: hashcat-cli
desc: renamed -m 1100 = Domain Cached Credentials, mscash to -m 1100 = Domain Cached Credentials (DCC), MS Cache

type: change
file: hashcat-cli
desc: renamed rule 'x' to 'O', omit X chars of word at pos N

type: change
file: hashcat-cli
desc: added rule 'x', extract X chars of word at pos N, to keep compatibility to JtR/crack

type: Change
file: Host
desc: switched to newer glibc (testphase; please contact us if you have problems)

type: bug
file: hashcat-cli
desc: fixed --increment-max to allow all values up to the length of the mask
trac: #651

type: bug
file: hashcat-cli
desc: fixed bug in table-lookup attack mode that occurred whenever the replacement possibilities for a single character was very high
trac: #646

type: bug
file: hashcat-cli
desc: fixed --stdout in -a 1 mode in combination with -r, number of outputs were incorrect
trac: #654

type: bug
file: hashcat-cli
desc: --remove did not always remove all hashes when it was closed/quitted too fast

Thank you Atom, & specialy for the open_source sharing ;-), concern the Combination of Hashcat & OclHashcat, i hope the CPU users could allways & as well run the CPU part only..( cause many Mac Users can not perform ( for now ) the GPU version ).