What does c/s real and gpu mean
HD5870 970/1200 Hz
Speed........: 87914 c/s Real, 101.8k c/s GPU
HD5870 970/300 Hz
Speed........: 88587 c/s Real, 83698 c/s GPU
What does c/s real and gpu mean? When I saw the first line I had an idea, but on the 2nd you lost me. When I mining bitcoins I learned that it works faster when you lower memory hz. Tried here, but I don't know what I see here, which is better.
real is the speed that it is in real. you can calculate it by number of tests (from progress) / time.util real.

for example if i run run something and i press "s" after it ran since 959ms and it tested 8319232 words in that time, the speed is 8674k/s -> 8319232 / 959. this also include the time to load dictionary and copy dictionary to gpu.

gpu speed is more like a "current" view. to achieve this, speeds and timers are iterated all 32 kernel returns, added together and then divided by 32. this also include the time to copy dictionary to gpu.