very slow gpu wpa ocl hashcat
cant find this issue solved in the forums (saw similar mentioned but didnt help me)
- ocl hashcat is very very slow on my gpu, getting just 2,700 hashes a second for wpa. All online benchmarks, info etc say should be getting much more.
Details: windows 10 64 bit, using latest hashcat - 2.01, and latest nvidia drivers catalyst 15.7. even with -w 3 command, i get 97% (aprox) usage of GPU, yet only 2,700 hashes per second speed.
a benchmark test said speed was 2807 a sec. I tried with  1.5, 1 and 10 gig wordlists seperately, (i have only tried using wordlists, not bruteforce etc), and the lists are stored localy on c drive. I am not using any rules, and my reject count is 0%.
My command line is: oclHashcat64 -m 2500  -w 3 optus.hccap C:\Users\TOSHIBA-PC\Desktop\wordlists/2.txt
graphics card is: amd radeon hd 6300m series

status says: HWMon.GPU.#1 98% Util, -1c Temp, N/A Fan

tried: fully and properly reinstalling catalyst, using older versions of oclhaschat, using different hccap files and different wordlists, rebooting etc, -w 3 command,

Could try (if anyone thinks could help) :creating, then trying in a seperate windows 7 partition on same laptop

Thanks very, very much.
Sounds right to me, it's a very weak GPU. What 'online benchmarks' are you referring to?
I could find some.. But how could people on forums etc be quoting figures of 150,000 per sec, yet mine does just 2700? also, about 2 years ago my AMD HD5650 on a diferent laptop was doing 14 000 a sec. Both cards have 1gb memory So how could mine be 6 - 7 times weaker?
Ive never seen less than 5,000 per sec quoted, even for lower model cards.
There is no problem.

Sounds like you own a Toshiba Satellite C660D. Its AMD 6330m does 80 GFLPOS, your old AMD HD5650 does 520 GFLOPS.
So there you go, the old GPU was about 6.5 times faster.

If someone claims 150,000/s in WPA they might use a high end desktop GPU like the AMD HD7970 or NVIDIA GTX970 (both around 140-150k/s). An overclocked GTX980 hits 200+ k/s. If you want to reach those speeds you might have to switch to a desktop system, since notebooks with these speeds are rare and very expensive.
ok thanks... Its a toshiba satelitte L750D

So gigaflops is the 'speed' indicator? I thought it was memory or mhz...
Yes, gigaflops is an indicator - not more. Megahertz is just a number not telling much since you don't know the rest of the figures. Memory is irrelavant for most kernel under hashcat.

The L750D uses a variety of AMD Llano chips, an APU with integrated GPU. Use a hardware tool and check out which one is installed. The GPU should have around 210-250 GFLOPS.

Then you have to use it in benchmark mode to make it comparible. Just try the -b option. Using wordlists descreases performance. Plug in the power cord and switch the energy scheme to full power.

But it probably will be still slower than your old one.