Low fan speed and overheating with HD7850
I encountered a fan control issue with oclhashcat 2.01. The fan speed remains at 15% or 20% however hot the gpu runs. It goes up to 80 to 90°C and when it hits 90°C abort is triggered.
I can still  manually adjust the fan with speed fan, but only if oclhashcat is not running. So I can pause and adjust the speed and as soon as oclhashcat resumes it goes back to 15 or 20%.
Setup: Win 7 64bit, HD7850
AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition Display Driver version 15.30.1025.1001

It seems like someone had encountered this problem before:

Is there a way to manually adjust fan speed in oclhashcat?
i had the same problem and i soved using MSI Afterburner