Need help to decrypt my harddisk
Hello folks,

first i want to apologize to any reader of this topic: english is not my native language and these are my first steps into  hashcat.

Here is my problem:
I have an additional truecrypt 7.1 hidden partition (harddrive) in my computer (windows 7 with an amd 290x gpu). During a boring day i cleaned up this partition and in the end i changed my password to decrypt it, too. a stupid idea: I had not noted down the new password. But due to a personal quirk, I have a pretty good idea of how it should be structured.

I started with with 8 small and large letters/numbers (lets call them A) and over the years i added always a special character (i.e. !"#$%&'()*+,... and lets name them B) and another 8 "normal" letters.  So i remember the first 35 digits. And i am quite sure that i repeated the same procedure again. But i can't remember which new characters I added (lets call them Y for the special ones and X for normal letters/numbers). so the password should look like this:


I have 3-4 combinations for the XXXXXXXX-Part, which have a high probability, because I used them as short passwords somewhere else.

I installed oclhashcat, hashcatgui and dd-0.6beta3, but I didn't managed to recive my hash from the hidden truecrypt partition. The command in the wiki did not work out (dd if=hashcat_ripemd160_AES_hidden.raw bs=1 skip=65536 count=512). I think that works just with the truecrypt containers ?! And I have to admit, that I don´t know which kind of encryption I used so many years ago (is it possible to distinguish between an AES and AES-Twofish-Serpent ? and if not, does it matter ?)

1. Can somebody show me how to get this hash from this hidden harddrive or point me to the right wiki-page ?
2. Afterwards i would start a mask-attack .. can i combine this one with the "Wordlist attack" ?

Thanks for your help in advance and I would also treat a crate of beer for a successful help to run the program.
can you make it simple, how much of the password do you really know
short and simple: 35 out of 44.
I didn't read this in full, but I'd say it's worth a try