Hashcat 3.00 will not quit

I made a crack rig with 3x ASUS 1070 and I stuck a 1070 in my main computer to play with.  Main system with 1 card runs win7 home prem, crack rig runs win 7 pro.  On my crack rig with 3x  1070, Hashcat seems to run fine until you want to quit.  I press Q and the cursor increments down one line but the prompt does not come back.  The session does quit and card useages go back to 0 in afterburner, but the command window is hung.  I can click the X to close the window, and it does close after 10 seconds or so.

On my main system with 1 card there is no issues with hashcat.  I get sustained WPA rates of 250 kh/s with no tuning.
All 3 cards in the crack rig get same rates and I see sustained WPA rates of 820ish Kh/s but when you try to quit it barfs.  I have attached an image showing several empty lines from pressing Q sveral times.  Notice the plots drop off but the prompt never comes back. 

Any input on the issue would be appreciated, also I would appreciate opinions on the crack rig hardware.  Hopefully I did not skimp too much on CPU.  Thank you

Crack rig with 3x 1070 on USB powered risers:
EVGA 1000 watt PSU
Win 7 pro
mobo: asrock H97 anniversary
CPU: Pentium G3258 3.2G
Memory: 8GB
monitor is connected to on-board HD graphics and the 3 1070s have no cables connected to them.

Main system with 1 1070:
Win 7 home prem
1000 watt EVGA PSU
mobo: EVGA x58 SLI from 2009
CPU: i7 990x 1st Gen
Memory 12 GB
1 1070

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I plugged my monitor into one of the 1070 cards and it worked fine.  Pressing Q quit the session and Hashcat stopped and displayed the prompt like normal.  So if im using the integrated graphics for my monitor it works poorly and also crashes the HD graphics driver and recovers.  I did the registry patch to eliminate the timeout and that makes it crash and stay crashed haha.  Apparently until I discover a workaround for this, I must use the video output of the 1070s and not the onboard.  This may be common knowledge for advanced users and developers, but I am still learning. Big Grin
Using the desktop on a card which does the cracking has no influence on the cracking performance so I'd recommend to disable the integrated graphics and save alot of headache.