Hash rate slowing when unattended
Hello helpful peeps,

I've got an odd problem, hashcat is running all nice and happily but when i wander off the hashing rate slows. Keeping an eye on MSI afterburner I can see the gpu usage drop from max (97-99 it never pegs at 100 for some reason) to about 50% (47 to be specific). If i (p) then (r) it will quickly jump back up to high usage.

My stats, Hashcat GUI in Win 10 (don't start), MSI GTX 970, slight overclock with afterburner.

I'm running the --gpu-temp-disable option to stop funky temp management and unnecessary aborts (hashcat doesn't seem to manage my fan speeds very well).

this issue occurs on both brute and combination attacks.

anybody seen this before?

Thanks folks.
Set your fans to 100% and try to hold the temp below 75c, that's all that matters