process all rules
if i run hashcat plus with "-rules rule1 rule2 ... rule_xx" it's gonna process them all? or just the first one?

any way i can run all the rules by just pointing to the "rules" folder?
just like i do with dictionary folder

only one file
(11-08-2011, 03:44 PM)nikkk14 Wrote: --rules-file=FILE
only one file

i just tested and u are right
it would be nice to point the folder where the rules are and to take them in order, just like it works with the dictionaries

u can create new file.. ex. "cat /folder/*.rules | sort -u > big.rules"
or ask it in "Feature Requests" Smile
i run it on windows.. so .. i don't have too many options Smile

i made a .bat file in excel to run all the rules Smile