Extra cooling for the Corsair 730T (easy case mod)
Since I prefer air cooling (who has time to be a plumber in addition to being a hashcat enthusiast?), I have come up with a simple case mod for the Corsair 730T (the 730T costs about $140 lately).  I originally bought this case for a build back in 2014 and I have always noticed the grill on the side door.


I recently upgraded the fans in the case to the latest Maglev offerings from Corsair, various flavors of their ML120's and ML140's.  I had some extra ML120's due to ordering the wrong size, but I decided to keep them.  

This is the result of what you do when you have a Corsair 730T, an extra ML120, and some left over zip ties.  Using zip ties made seemed to be the best option since it is only plastic up against the metal door and they are flexible.  Traditional mounting hardware, like 6-32 screws and nuts, wouldn't have worked anyway since this area of the door was never made to have fans mounted to it.

This is what it looks like from outside the case.  You can also see the ML140 fan as the main rear case fan.

[Image: 20170319_175416_zpsqn3jcvnq.jpg]

Here, you can see inside the door that opens.  It is barely visible, but you can also see the wire that runs from the fan to the bottom of the motherboard, where a fan header is.  Right now, there is only a single GPU, but more are coming.  The only water cooled component in the build is the CPU, which probably isn't necessary since I don't overclock anyway.  The GPU is a GTX 1080 FE running at factory clocks.  Under load, with the door closed, and with the GPU running its fan at 90 percent, it is only reaching 53 C (a very acceptable temperature).

[Image: 20170319_175457_zpsjmcsxiug.jpg]

This is a closeup of the ML120 fan with the zip ties.
[Image: 20170319_175532_zpsjbmuwjro.jpg]

I will probably be buying another one of these cases just so I can do this mod.  If anyone has any similar mods that they are willing to share, then I would very much like to see them.

Happy hashcatting! Smile