WPA2 cracking slow on newer versions
Hi everyone,
At the moment im using latest v3.40 version, but these problems started since hccapx was introduced.
With old versions of hashcat, I used to get about 20 000 WPA2 hash/s and it worked like a charm. Since v3.30 (since new hccapx), can't pull out more than 9000 hash/s in highest workload profile.  I understand that problem isn't in new format, but in drivers.

According to  "Geeks3D GPU Caps", my CPU (i7-3632qm) and GPU (HD7670m) support only OpenCL 1.2.
I tried to install OpenCL 2 for Intel but no luck. AMD drivers updated to latest versions. Pastebin link of hashcat output: https://pastebin.com/0qsE94rB

I don't have funds to buy new hardware at the moment, so am I stuck with using old versions of hashcat?
I would appreciate any help! 
maybe related to this:


*nevermind just read the last post in that thread.
Please try again with v3.5.0
Sadly, situation is still the same, ~8000h/s. Same output as before.

It can't work with OpenCL 1.2 right? My hardware doesn't support OpenCL 2.0