Help with hashcat install lubuntu 17.04
Hey guis .
i am a new linux user and am looking to download and use hashcat.

could somebody point me in the direction i need to go?

i tried on ubuntu 16.03LTS and somehow erased my desktop and messed with a bunch of drivers.

any help will be greatly appreciated.
I don't think that hashcat is included in the Lubuntu package system yet.

But you can download hashcat directly from (the "binaries" link), extract it (with '7z x [filename]'), and run ./hashcat32.bin or ./hashcat64.bin directly.

You'll need an OpenCL runtime and the latest supported drivers for your GPU. This FAQ entry should get you started:
thanks for the reply.

i have downloaded 7z and also the hashcat binaries.
before i can move forward is there a command line function to unzip the directory using 7z?
That's pretty Google-able - you'll be better off if you figure that part out on your own. Smile