Using for Axcrypt
Excuse me for English, it's Google translation.

Well, I'm in the ...
Your text, for me, is like the Chinese signs !!! I absolutely do not understand anything !!! I do not know anything about crack or hacker, I am the most beginner of beginners! I just understood that it is possible but that for me ... no !!! Hard hard.
The little I understand:
- There is this: This brings me a kind of text file, with lines of programs and I do not know what to do with it?
- Then there is python ??? Who is this man ???
- Extract the hash: I have find something about it, it is my password that is coded into a sequence of characters. You have to extract it in a file, what kind of file? A simple text file?
- After you have to pay attention to the format,, look for 13200. I saw that we talk about Axcrypt here, but for the rest !!!
- And last, use hashcat with -m 13200.

AIE Aie Aie !!! I think for me, I might have more luck trying to walk on water !!!

So, well if you have a lot of time and desire to get me out of there! Explaining to me as for the last of the morons !!!

Or, I do not know if we can make it, I'm sending you I do not know where one of my .axx files, it is a photo, if I could get the password of this file, I Believe it's the same password for all my other photos.

This is a super important thing for me, to find this password would make me the happiest man in the world