Support for layered hashes?
Please excuse me for my inexperience, I truthfully barely have programming experience/knowledge of how the software works (but I greatly appreciate everyone who has developed it!) I know that the basics of password cracking involves brute-forcing/taking plain-texts from a dictionary, hashing them with a specific algorithm, and comparing the resulting hash to the hash you are trying to crack until it yields a match. I have a couple hashes that were hashed with separate algorithms, and trying to crack these to yield another hash will likely take more time than there is stuff in the universe (and then, you still have to crack the other hash again). 

My question is basically if it's possible to bruteforce plaintexts and hash them with multple algorithms before comparing them, it will be slow but not as slow as working the other way around. For example, say you have hashes that you know were first MD5/SHA-1'd and then Bcrypted. This would be a lifesaver if it were possible, consider implementing it hashcat team Smile
That doesn't work for salted hashes, that's the reason hashes are salted. With each different salt, the output hash is a different one for the same input.